Alliance Loire

coteaux-du-vendomoisAlliance Loire

Saint Cyr en Bourg


Alliance Loire is a group of nine co-operatives or similar bodies who have pooled their resources to manage their marketing and sales. It is a logical extension of the co-operative model, in a world where the smaller co-ops can be dwarfed by large commercial groups. For example the Chinon co-op, Vignoble du Paradis, farms a total of only 30 hectares. (In contrast Chateau Margaux is 87 hectares of Margaux alone, with another 175 outside that appellation).

The wines we follow come primarily from Saumur (Les Pouches blanc and rouge) and the Coteaux du Vendômois (Cocagne vin gris) but there are little jewels to be found in all the Loire appellations