Colin, Patrice

patrice-colin-cavePatrice Colin

Coteaux du Vendomois


The Coteaux du Vendomois is the most northerly of the Loire appellations. The unusual Pineau d’Aunis grape is its most striking feature. In an area where wine-making is all too often a part-time activity, Patrice Colin is one of the few who has good holdings, as his family have been in the area since 1735. He farms about 25 hectares, organically, half of which he owns. Thoré La Rochette is on a plateau, with a drier micro-climate than the surrounding areas. The soil is a very flinty sandy clay.

Patrice produces a full range of wines, red, white and rose, still and sparkling.

A petillant naturel, where the first fermentation finishes in the bottle, making the bubbles. 100% Pineau d’Aunis. A sparkling vin gris, so not really a rose, just a light tint.

An old vines Pineau d’Aunis vin gris, or rose from red grapes. A very minerally version of this type of wine, with more structure and grip than most. Delicious in the summer, but holds well and drinks well through the winter.