Desierto 25

desierto-rep-labBodega del Desierto

La Pampa, Patagonia, Argentina

Bodega del Desierto is located in the province of La Pampa appellation of Alto Valle Rio Colorado (High Valley of the Red River) near the town of 25 de Mayo. While established Argentina wine regions such as Mendoza and San Juan have gained notoriety for Malbec and other wines in recent years, those from the windy, arid conditions of La Pampa reflect the region’s high desert spirit – wild and new. The results are bold, deep red wines and fine, delicate whites.

It is the first winery established in the province of La Pampa in Patagonia. The vineyard comprises 140 hectares at 340 meters of elevation The vines are trellised, and drip-irrigated, fed by a reservoir on the property.

Desierto 25/5 Malbec Patagonia
Desierto 25/5 Cabernet Franc Patagonia
Desierto 25/5 Cabernet Sauvignon Patagonia
Desierto 25/5 Pinot Noir Patagonia
Desierto 25/5 Chardonnay Patagonia
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