Le Capitaine

capitaine-alain-and-christopheDomaine Le Capitaine

Rochecorbon, Vouvray



Only a mile from the city of Tours the domaine’s 28 hectares of vineyards rise from the northern banks of the Loire river. Alain Le Capitaine started the domaine in 1988, and was joined in 1995 by his brother Christophe. They have now been joined by the Alain’s son Florian in growing some of the finest Chenin Blanc in Vouvray.

The river is a moderating influence on the vines, aided by the numerous valleys running down to it. The stony slopes have the classic ‘tuffeau’ or chalky limestone subsoil, mixed with ‘perruche’ or flinty clay that lends minerality to the wines. There is also ‘aubuis’ or clay-limestone that gives power to the sweet wines. The wines are made in a modern winery, but rest and age in the beautiful 11th. Century ‘tuffeau’ cellars.