Les Cantates

domaine-Les-CantatesLes Cantates (Domaine les Fils de Rene Quenard)



The Rene Quenard family had been growing vines in the Savoie for 300 years, but it was only in the 20th century that they planted vines on ‘La Savoyarde’ in the village of Chignin, the scree-covered slopes where Bergeron (the local name for Roussanne) flourishes. Now it is at the heart of the Chignin Bergeron cru, the only Vin de Savoie village ‘cru’ allowed to use a grape name as part of its appellation. The wines are rich and aromatic, considered among the best of Savoie.

This 11 hectare estate (8 of them in Chignin Bergeron AOP) was bought by Claire Taittinger in 2008, but changed hands again at the end of 2014. The new owner is Philippe Viallet, a local producer and negociant (see Philippe Viallet). Alexi Cote continues as winemaker and vineyard manager, ensuring continuity and the same exacting standards.