Mas Amiel

Mas-AMIEL-10-ploughing-with-horsesMas Amiel


In1816 Mas Amiel got its name from the lucky gentleman who was a better card player than the Archbishop of Perpignan. The bishop made the mistake of staking his 10 hectares in the scrubby hills west of Perpignan. And lost. Amiel planted vines, but fifty years later the vineyard was ravaged by phylloxera. Although it was re-planted, the family ended up mortaging and selling on to the Dupuy family. The latter improved and expanded the property and refined the wines, which became well known. They held it until its purchase by Olivier Decelle in 2000. Now it counts 170 hectares, and a wide range of wines, all produced organically. M. Decelle has added a line of dry reds and whites to the traditional dessert wines.

Mas Amiel is today sought by Paris’ top sommeliers and cherished by wine connoisseurs all over the world who recognize that what’s created in these rocky, forbidding hills can be replicated nowhere else on earth.   read more

The estate’s traditional fortified wines are produced through a unique process that creates concentrated and complex wines with an almost immortal character.  Wines are first fermented then alcohol is added to stop fermentation (leaving some residual sugar behind in the wine).  The wines are then stored outside in glass demi-johns—a traditional aging process that produces oxidized notes and orange highlights in the wines.  They are then aged in large oak casks for six to 15 years.