Michel Couvreur

CYRIL-AND-JA-JUNE-2015Michel Couvreur

Scotch Whisky


Michel Couvreur was a rare bird indeed. A Belgian wine-merchant specializing in Burgundy, he fell in love with Scotch whisky in the 1950s, and made it his life’s work. Today his right-hand man Jean-Arnaud Frantzen and his son-in-law Cyril Deschamps continue his craft. They age the spirit in their cellars in Burgundy, using the hand-picked sherry butts that they consider the secret to truly great Scotch. Recently they lost the right to use the name Scotch. Though distilled in Scotland it is aged and bottled in France, and can only be called malt whisky. But the whiskies remains unparalleled: a nose full of dried flowers, and a powerful palate of sherry, tobacco and dried fruits.