The Oddero estate is long established, with roots in the 18th century. Over the past 40 years Giacomo, the patriarch, has protected tradition while improving quality at the winery. He fought the same fight in the area as a whole, looking to protect the quality and reputation of not just Barolo but also the traditional foods of the Langhe: cheese, truffles and hazelnuts. He has now handed the reins of the winery to his two daughters, Mariavittoria and Mariacristina.

Mariacristina has a viticulture and enology degree, and together with Isabella, Mariavittoria’s daughter, she has brought new energy and focus to the vineyards and cellar. It’s back to the future, as they transition the estate to organic farming and recycling.    read more

With 35 hectares, of which 16.50 are Nebbiolo, there is no shortage of raw material at Oddero. But the quality of the vineyards is what sets them apart, with a high percentage of ‘sori’, the sunny sites where Nebbiolo can flourish. Mariacristina adapts her wine-making to the vintage, like any sensitive wine-maker. In general, the style is restrained: poised and sure, not flashy and forward. Having said that, there is really no resisting the precocious charms of her Moscato and Barbera.