Savignola Paolina

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Chianti Classico

Savignola is the name of the locale, Paolina is the name of the woman who transformed the estate into a modern winery. The great Veronelli wrote that it was ‘a proud combination of two names: a cru born of the close bond between land and vine grower’.

savignola-paolina-repPaolina’s family, the Fabbri, purchased the estate in 1780, which had housed a religious community since the early 1600s. Paolina herself, born in the 1890s, took over the estate in the years between WWI and WWII and kept the reins till her death in 1988. Since 1998 her grand-daughter Ludovica has run things. Along with her husband Antonio Giordano she set about planting new vines and building an up-to-date winery. The wine is traditional in the best way: quiet, true to terroir, utterly convincing. Matt Kramer famously said of it: “If Mozart made Chianti, it’d be Paolina.”

The estate covers 8 hectares, with about 6 under vine, at around 1100 feet in altitude. Harvest takes place as late as possible, usually October. Given the altitude the grapes retain good acidity, and the long growing season helps develop complexity. The different parcels are vinified separately in stainless-steel temperature-controlled tanks, macerating for around 12 days on the skins, and aged in a variety of used barrels. Total production is less than 4,000 cases.


Savignola Paolina Chianti Classico

Savignola Paolina Chianti Classico

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